Lenny Lamb Basic Line Wrap - Azurite

Manufacturer: Lenny Lamb
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Delivery date: 10-14 Days
  • 100% Cotton Broken Twill Weave
  • 210g/m

Wraps are divided into two colors so the edges are different. It makes learning how to wrap it way easier.

Long Woven Wrap is a perfect carrier for a newborn baby as well as for a 3-year-old. It can be carrierd in many different ways; the same wrap will fit people of various sizes and silhouettes. Its main advantage is the fact that a woven wrap is always a good choice, no matter the baby's age, weight or stage of development - all you need to do is choosing the carry that will work best for you.

Basic Line products don’t accept any compromise. You no longer need to choose between high quality and low budget. These products meet the highest standards as far as the fabric quality, ergonomic construction and the users’ comfort are concerned - at the same time their price is very affordable.