Woven Wraps

Most wraps in this section will be ordered in for you. Typical wait times are around 14 days but is given as an estimate. 

Woven wraps are available in three sizes - size 4, or shorties, which are great for quick wraps with toddlers or for quick trips, size 6, the standard size used by most people, and size 7, which is the recommended length for people over about a size 14 who want a long wrap.

Woven wraps are the most comfortable and versatile baby carrier. They do have a steep learning curve - but it is worth it. Most people start off with a long wrap (size 6/4.6m for most people, or a size 7/5.2m for men or women over size 14). Short wraps are usually a second wrap purchase, and are great for quick wraps with toddlers in particular. The Didymos sizing chart gives a good description of what each size is suitable for.

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